A golden ray of sunshine
Lay on my window sill
It crept up on me from the east
Peeking in on me from just over the hills

I jumped into the shower
To get ready for my day
Took one moment of silence
Looked up and started to pray

Please give me five more minutes
Better yet one more hour
Please make it one more day
I know it’s in your power

I’d like to spend a little time
With all the ones I love
Grant all those who’ve cursed me
With a shining light from up above

Give me strength and courage
To forgive all who’ve done me wrong
Grant them peace and solace
Because we all know, life is not that long

Fill their life of longing
With the answers they all seek
Show them joy and happiness
And love in words they speak

Give them all that I have loved
A ray of sunshine upon their window sill
To remind them that when I’m not here
My love lives on inside of them … always has, always will

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