I’d venture to say we’ve all been in the position in a relationship where reading between the lines is a “must have” skill.

But, what happens when you find yourself starring down the barrel of a new relationship where you have yet to figure out the code of a potential love, or have become involved to the point where you are beginning to give your heart to someone, yet … maybe you still aren’t there yet …  and you don’t know them well enough to read between the lines.

Worse yet, you are so totally caught up in them … they gave you all the signals … and you’ just ignored the signals as part of the “getting to know them” part of a new relationship.

Then … the unimaginable happens … you’re dumped … your heart is broken … the world has come to and end and you’re the only one left standing.

You’d like to tell yourself, “I didn’t see that coming,” but, didn’t you?

Over my lifetime, I’ve been there, too … maybe a little more than I’d like to admit. But, I’m human … just like you.

This piece is dedicated to all those that never saw it coming, but really did.



How could I miss those flags
Everything you said left undone
And those subtle hints, I missed
Replete with words of love
Tormented with inaction
Broken, the bond that tied us
Relished memories forgotten
Obfuscated meanings from commonality
Kisses lacking true feeling
Endless, the days of discontent
Never ending nights of loneliness

And to think I missed those flags
Gone, the twinkle in your eyes
Along with the feelings from your heart
Inside my heart left bleeding
Never fully healing … Heartbroken Again


  1. I’m sending you a bandaid to help cover the pain. I must admit, I’ve been there and done that. It’s amazing how I myself was blind by love and overlooked all the red flags. It’s hard to say, I really didn’t want to see the negative side. Healed and building myself for the next true long lasting love for me. It’s so hard starting over, but it must be done to grow and be wiser the next time.. Happy writings…

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