It’s been nearly 50 years ago
As a young man I played with my toys
Never knowing where my life would go
I was just your little boy

But, when you walked out the door to fly
Tears welled in my eyes, I began to cry
Daddy said soon I’ll be playing with you and your toys
Cause above all, you’re still my little boy

Son, don’t you worry your mind about me
I’ll keep you safe, I promise you’ll see
I’ll be back soon son, don’t cry
Before long I’ll be back by your side

Just remember, you’re my little boy
You’re still young, you have your toys
Do your best in school, listen to mom
It won’t be long before I’m home

Then one day they pulled up to the drive
Told us all, your soldier died
I couldn’t shed a tear, I couldn’t cry
Cause I knew, he’d be back by my side

I waited years, day and night
Watched planes bring the weakened prisoners home
I watched every plane, every flight
Final plane landed, little boy feeling lost, alone





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