Today, after being sidelined by an injury to my dominant hand, I found enough mobility in my hand to put a little thought together, although I have many voice recorded when I am able to return fully.

Since being immobilized by the third-degree burns to my right hand (unrelated to the holiday), I have been unable to get my hand to work enough to get the keyboard to cooperate with just one hand, so, today, I am celebrating the ability to put “pen to paper,” metaphorically speaking.

Hope you will enjoy this little thought of poetic life, meaning, this piece.

The strength
It leaves my body
Returning again
Leading me home
A place
Never, have I been
My heart
Lies beating
My soul
My being
Never, will they die
My mind
It thinks
It holds
Never, will they let go
I breathe
In my heart you live
Never, will you leave
Waits not
Through clouded forests
Lost, unrecoverable moments