She reached over with a tissue and wiped the tear from his eye, then took his hand.

He was startled. You are back already? I just saw you vanish. Could you dim the lights down a little bit, it’s getting bright inside here again.

I don’t know if you can hear me or not, she said … he interrupted her, of course I can, but, she continued, I just wanted you to know I have been here ever since they brought you in.

The doctors said I could be here and that you probably wouldn’t be responsive, but I could still talk to you in hopes you would wake up.

Oh, come on, I’ve been awake, been asleep and done nothing but dream of you. I’ve been talking, but you just haven’t answered.

But anyway, she said, I have never left your side. You know, we both have shared a lot of very loving moments, moments I would not change nor ever forget.

I’ve always believed we were destined for each other, we just could never get past both of us being hardheaded. I regret that, for both of us.

You were always the one person I counted on to keep me balanced … you were the only one that had the courage, belief in me and the only one who loved me enough to call me out on some of the stuff I tried to pull.

You always showed me how much you loved me with the flowers, the candy and the cards … but, I never felt I ever showed you just how much those things meant to me … I took it for granted.

Don’t you ever think for one moment that I didn’t love you, because I did. It was just hard for me to show it … I had been let down and treated so wrong by so many before I met you.

None of that seems to matter now. I just want you to know how thankful I am that you loved me. You always said, tomorrow is promised to no one, and now, I wish I had listened to you … we missed so many moments.

What?, he said. You mean to tell me I have been dreaming in my dreams, in a coma? And, you haven’t heard a thing I’ve been saying?

Baby, I hope you already knew the things I said in my dreams. It would be a tragedy if you didn’t. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.

If all of this is true, I know why the lights are so bright now … I’m fading, aren’t I?

I will never let go of our love.

With his final breath, he squeezed her hand … a tear rolled down his face as a steady sound rang out from the machines surrounding his bed.

She wept.

His final though as the light encompassed him … I will love you forever into eternity.

I will see you again … in your dreams.


I hope you have enjoyed this little journey into dreams. Yes, there was a twist in it all, but sometimes it is hard to distinguish dreams from reality … in this case, dreams within dreams within a state of conscientiousness we really know nothing about … unless you’ve been there and survived.

Dreams have a way of bringing to our conscience the things we treasure, so we can relive the experience; things we feel guilty about that we wished would have never happened; even words we wished we would have spoken, when it was already too late.

Paying attention to your dreams might even give you some insight into past decisions, or even decisions currently on your mind … maybe even making peace with past transgressions.

Yes, you can dismiss dreams as your mind playing tricks on you … even discount any lessons that can be learned within a dream … but are you sure you want to chance dismissing a valuable life lesson?

Maybe as you read this series, it is all just a dream you are having … even a dream within a dream … .

For those of you who have had such realistic dreams you thought were true, I have one question for you: how do you know what was real and what was only a dream … how do you really know?

I kind of wonder what is real sometimes myself. Until next time, if you are really reading this, find a way to shine.