The warmth of your breath on my neck awakened me, I knew you were here.

Is there a designed method to your visits? Here, I look into your eyes, which are blue today, and it tells me there is a happiness in your soul.

Why do you haunt my dreams, knowing how much I want to gaze into your eyes, feel your lips on mine and beg to put my arms around you.

Your presence makes me think back to all we shared, and at the same time makes me yearn for more, all-knowing I can not have what I’ve wanted for so very long … you.

A lifetime with you was all I wanted … is this your way of having the say-so in it all, or is it how you make me pay for you being there and me being here.

In real life you were everything to me, every little thing about you I memorized.

But you only showed me what you wanted me to see and not everything you were. You are still doing that now, all without speaking a word.

I still see your so kissable lips, I feel the touch of your skin, even now it is still the softest I have ever felt. I hear your laugh and it makes me smile.

What is the method to this madness? You come and you go, just when I believe I can face a day all on my own.

Is this the way you make me my own slave to my heart, or is it to torment the place where I am at my weakest … in my dreams and in my heart.

Never have I felt so bound to one … never have I felt so eternally bound to one soul, so much so I give up my waking moments to meet you in my dreams.

I am a prisoner to the love we shared, each moment of it.

Why are you just laying there looking at me. I can still see the look of love in your eyes.

Why does this all seem so real … please say something, kiss me, touch me … something, anything.

Whoa, why are we at the ice cream shop? It’s too cold for ice cream.

Quit laughing … wait, a sound!

Oh, how I have missed that giggle kind of laugh … you brought a tear to my eyes.

Can we just stay here a little while … we laughed so much here. Oh, how I have missed your laugh and your laughing eyes.

But, it’s starting to get really cold in here all of a sudden, so cold. Please, let’s go back to your house and get warm again … it’s frigid in here and getting colder by the minute.

Startled awake from the cold, I put another blanket on, but I can’t go back to sleep. I reach over to the bedside table and hold her picture … it’s the best I can do.