Hi … I know you’re there.

No, I don’t have to turn over to know. I can feel your warmth, your essence … I’ve always been able to feel you and knew when something was wrong or bothering you no matter how far apart we were. Is that why you’re here? What’s wrong?

Are you going to disappear tonight or vanish when I reach out for you?

I want you to know I turned off my alarm clock so I wouldn’t be abruptly taken from you and could spend more time with you.

If you haven’t noticed during your nightly visits, your picture sits on my bedside table … along with the ring I was never able to give you. You are the first person I see in the morning, and the last person I see as I drift off to a place where you come back to me.

Hey, where did you go? Where did I go?

Wait, I know where we are. How did we get from my bed into your kitchen. Better yet, how I did I get into your house?

You still aren’t talking to me, are you?

You aren’t talking to me, but yet you stand there cooking me breakfast … I remember those times.

Yes, I remember the times you stood there, half naked, teasing me with your little gyrations and that devious smirk on your face, and somehow we never got around to eating breakfast.

I remember all the little things that made a difference in how much I loved you. I remember the way you looked at me after we made love and how all the icy walls you built seemed to melt away.

And, how you were at such ease when we went to the gardens. I made a wish at the wishing well every time we went, though you never saw me. I wished the day, and our life together would never end.

I remember the way you would cry when we would have to leave each other … and how you couldn’t wait to call me on the phone … just a block away.

Oh, how I miss the way we were when everything was going right. Why did you have to go. If ever two souls were destined to be together, it was you and I.

Wait a minute. I see that look on you face …and tears in your eyes … no wait, don’t go yet.

I must be destined to be tormented and live in anguish without you … please come back … I don’t want to wake up and you not be here.

OK, so now the phone ringing. I just want to sleep and dream … of her.