Today, I decided to write another short series based on a hodgepodge of ideas and thoughts I’ve had running through my head.

This will be my third short series, at least I think it will be a short series, much in the line of “The Rock, the Tree and Me,” and “Eternally Bound.”

I begin with “Remembrance.” Hope you enjoy the series, for as long as it lasts.


Remember the first time we met … it was at that little Mexican Restaurant. I remember waiting in the parking lot for you to arrive.

From the time I first saw you, I knew you were the one. I know it hasn’t worked out as I would have planned, but when I fall asleep at night … I see you, I feel you, I taste your soft wet lips and I yearn for you.

Time has not dulled my desire for your presence, the laughter we shared and I can still feel your touch and hear your soft subtle sighs.

There is no rhyme nor reason time doesn’t tear you from my thoughts, nor the tingling my body feels when I am with you in my dreams, even if you aren’t really there.

In my dreams we are perfect. In my dreams my heart is so full of love … to the point of exploding from my chest.

But, in my dreams you are silent. My words not returned. You are just there giving me that out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye look like you always did when you were being mischievous.

Maybe in your silence I am reliving all the love I did not feel in return … the heartbreak waiting for you to initiate some kind of action on your own, without prompting … that mimicked love.

At least in my dreams, I still have you.

I am filled with an emptiness beyond being empty. I feel an unquenchable longing for your touch … a touch that fades the moment I reach out to you.

Night after night, I lay my head down to meet you again in my dreams, even though I know that even the realism of my dreams will not bring you back, but fade into the mist the moment I awake.

Why can’t I shake this unshakable feeling that you are still here. Which is the dream? Having you or losing you, or losing you again every morning when I awake.

See, here you are … but I am the only one talking. Please say something. Break the silence before it kills me.

Take my hand … closer … take it.

No, wait, don’t go yet. Please don’t disappear again.


Damn alarm clock. I was so close.

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