This is the final piece in a series of four entitled Eternally Bound. If you have ever felt you have fallen in love with the same person, perhaps in another lifetime … maybe you have. Love is eternal after all … for the right one. Always seek new ways of looking at the feeling we call love and realize each bad relationship is only one way of guiding you and laying your path of breadcrumbs to the perfect one for you … the one you are Eternally Bound to.
The soul grows weary, bodies take the toll
Lifetime after lifetime searching, I feel my body grows old
Lifetime upon lifetime, reaffirming our wish, our desire
Waiting for you each lifetime, while this lifetime my body tires

Time upon time, I leave my words to you as clues
Like breadcrumbs, will lead you to me and me to you
Your soul will follow and seek me to reunite
Nonbelievers scoff, but the Gods know our wish, our fight

My will has not faltered, my love awaits and never fails
I remember how we met each life, in every detail
Each time I touch you, feel the gentleness of your touch
It reinforces the depths my soul reaches, why I love you so much

Although sometimes our lives don’t mesh, or in life fail to meet
I know somewhere down the road, your sweet words I’ll hear, your sweet smile I’ll see
Deep within this heart of mine, as I sometimes fall on mortal sword
I never doubt the words you said, nor the hopes and dreams upon you swore

As I fear this lifetime will not be our time, you should know I will wait
Time after time, decade after decade after decade, millennia after millennia, I will wait
For it is through our wish on the river bank, love will flow though our veins forever
It is through our expressions of love many lifetimes over, our love will not fail, never

We’ve felt the rain on a sunny day, I’ve seen the sky in your eyes so blue
We’ve tasted love in our waiting lips, beckoning an old love that feels brand new
Every lifetime I’ve kept my word by leaving breadcrumbs through my words
Each and every lifetime you’ve found me in this or any world

Day and night I’ve toiled and tarried with the inevitable conclusion I carry
For the light in my eyes has dimmed, sun setting in this lifetime I live
Live in angst not, for we are Eternally Bound by a lifetime of knots
Words like breadcrumbs will lead you back to me, another lifetime maybe we’ll be free