Eternally Bound: Recollection

I remember you
I remember every face
I remember every body
I remember every place
What made us last more than one lifetime
What placed us on an infinite path
What is it that makes us continue to travel
What do we do wrong, what makes our love last
My earliest recollection of your eyes and of your smile
The words you penned to paper, gave me cause to travel miles
Through distant lands, through turmoil and strife
Our pact to remember till our days could become our life
Oh, how foolish young hearts beat by rivers edge
Bringing about lover’s passion closer to the ledge
Hearts interlocked, eyes caught glimpse of a falling star
Our wish made to find each other, no matter where we are
I remember your touch that fateful night
I remember your eyes glimmer by the falling star light
I remember how your words spoke to my heart
I remember the void in my soul when time came to part
As my light dimmed that final night
We pledged we’d search for our souls in many life’s
With each life fire lit and each life fire extinguished
We’ve met time upon time, only to depart in anguish
Upon the wish of a falling star
The Gods bring us back together wherever we are
To test our resolve as each life season passes by
Giving love a chance each lifetime we try
Yes, I recall the first time we met
I recall the love we found
I know why each lifetime we search
I recall our wish, to be Eternally Bound


(This is the third piece in the Eternally Bound series. The other two pieces are Eternally Bound, and Eternally Bound: Redoux.)

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