She walked up on the dance floor
Shakin’ every thing she could
You could tell by her sashaying
That girl was up to no good

Singing Midnight Rider
By the Allman Brothers Band
Her tight fittin’ jeans and her cowboy boots
Told me I was her man

She walked over to my table
Said cowboy what is your name
I said ready, willing and able
I hope yours is the same

My name is Bobbie Jo
Let’s see how you dance
And maybe a little later
We can talk about romance

I got caught up from the moment
She took to the floor
I didn’t have any idea
Of what she had in store

From the way she moved her hips
To the twerks in between
I knew I was a goner
It was the best I’d ever seen

She motioned come on over
But as I stepped out toward the floor
A 6-foot-4 leather-bound biker bouncer
Yelled out come over to the door

He grabbed me by the shirt
Said you know she is mine
As I started to sweat
He said every thing is just fine

He told me I could have her
As she moved over to the door
Slapped a pair of cuffs on me
Said she’s all that and much much more

The bouncer said I’m free of you
This man he wants you more
With a smirk and a grin
She led me out the door

I heard the bouncer say
As we walked out to the parking lot
Your girl’s a dominatrix
Her favorite toy a riding crop

Good luck to you
Mr. Ready, Willing, Able

Thank you for replacing me
You are now part of her stable