“I am nothing special. I am just a man with paper, pen and ink. Only in obscure circles am I known. My words are not for all, and may only speak and inspire just one. Yet, that one will speak and inspire another.

When you write to prove a point, let only the facts guide your words. When you write to provoke thought, rely upon the abyss of possibilities your imagination can hold. When you write about the idiosyncrasies of man and human behavior, rely upon your experience, but take care for not all can be characterized by a few. And, when you write of matters of the heart, let the ink of your heart and emotions be the life blood in each stroke.

Above all, endeavor to affect at least one person, for it is through people your written word lives.”   ˜John W. Peeler

For a long time I wondered why the path in my life brought me to writing, yet, at the same time I have always been an abstract thinker … unless I was writing for informational purposes.

But, my love has always been in creative writing.

Many of my former employees would beg to differ with that, since most of my critiques had to do with things such as always using attribution along with the teaching point that writers don’t have a voice in news and flowery adjectives have no place in news writing. And, finally … inanimate objects can’t do, feel or say anything and subjective words are a waste of time … a board can’t hold meetings but board members can, you can’t write it is hot or cold, only individuals can determine what is hot or cold to them … and, my biggie … headlines always have to have a verb, either active or implied and never use the word like, when you really mean such as.

Well, enough about that. One can probably see just how hard writing can be and how borderline the words we take for granted can be thought of differently.

One of my employees used to call me “professor,” but I am not a scholar. I just try to mentor and give insight in the art of writing to an audience. Yes, I do have knowledge of reader habits and what drives a reader to read more than just the first two paragraphs of an article, but I am by no means a professor or scholarly.

But, ah … creative writing … almost all bets are off and flowery adjectives are your friends.

I live by simple principles when it comes to writing, all of which are contained in my quote, but other than those tips, one of my best tidbits of advice is two-fold; believe and feel what you are writing about … especially when it comes to writing about love and romance.

With love and romance, I can’t stress strongly enough to rely on your own experience — past or present. This is where your heart comes in.

Bare you feelings, good and bad. Take your mind back to a place where you felt the words you are writing. Remember what it is was like and feel those raw emotions … then write.

When you write with raw emotion, readers connect, especially if they have felt or are feeling what you are writing about.

No need to get fancy with words … emotions are raw, not fancy. Let your own raw emotions flow into your work — chances are someone has felt exactly the same way.

You are a writer, a counselor and sometimes the verification others need to be able to tell themselves, “I’m not the only one,” or, “I’m not alone.”

My point? Make others feel you are talking directly to them … and in some cases, about them.

Finally, never let anyone tell you format trumps functionally … in other words, don’t confine yourself to writing a certain way all the time just because people say it’s supposed to be that way.

If I remember correctly, in a Communications 101 class long ago, one of the first things I learned was it was the responsibility of the sender to make sure the message was understood by receiver.

Your message means nothing if the meaning of your message is lost in format.

My final thought, tip or advice is to never give up, never be offended if someone disagrees or tells you that you aren’t good enough.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  ˜Confucius

Never let someone tell you that you aren’t good enough, maybe they just aren’t wise or experienced enough in life to see the beauty of your work.

So, those are my little tidbits about writing. Somewhere down the line or in the darkness of your mind while you are experience writer’s block you’ll find your individual way to shine.





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