“If you mimic everyone else, you will become everyone else. Never accept the status quo, lest you become the status quo.”  ∼ John W. Peeler

I have always had somewhat of a rebellious nature. That nature has led me, at times, to stand out to those who disagree with my stance on many things, but I am still alive plugging away toward following my own path … rather than the path others have chosen.

When it comes to poetry and what some believe poetry, and what its format should look like … I say poppycock (I’ve always wanted to use that word). I say, down with format and writers should write their expressions of words the way they want the piece to be read (or heard), hence the quote of mine at the top of this piece.

So, keep on writing. Write it the way you want, otherwise, you’ll become just another poet that doesn’t stand out from everyone else … and your words … lost from those who appreciate them.

I sat alone and cried
Pushed away my foolish pride
Remembering how I loved you
And you
You’ve moved along just fine
But you’re always on my mind
You know I need you
The sadness — I have to say
It haunts me — every day
It hurts so deep inside
I can’t just run and hide
Because you
You’re always in my heart
And you’re always on my mind
And you’re right there by my side
Not a day passes by
In my memory I always see your smile
I hear every word — every phrase
It gets me through — the day
My mind goes back to you and me
You know I didn’t mean — to make you cry
I can’t remember why
It feels like just yesterday
My words — they just got in the way
Now we move on different paths
And I’ll always wonder where you’re at
You’ll always be — by my side
You’re memory forever — locked inside
Remembering how I love you