Every night I step outside to look up at the stars and moon to see the beauty outside the grasp of our direct influence.

Many times, I wonder how we must look to others that gaze upon us.

I say others simply because whether you believe in a common deity, maker or a long-lost alien race, someone or something watches over us.

Simply put, to believe we are the smartest, most intelligent life form or the only people ever created by a deity or maker would show both our ignorance and the reason why we, as a planet, are in as disarray as we are.

That reason is arrogance.

Many years ago, the rock band Queen came out with a song , “Is this the World We Created,” which was released in 1984.

The song’s lyrics echoed the trying times and issues the world was facing — world hunger and the suffering of children— unnoticed by those more fortunate and by a  mostly oblivious and uncaring world population.

“Is this the World We Created,” is still appropriate for today’s trying times and issues, but it’s no longer just world hunger and children that are suffering.

Lack of respect, both personal and in differing views, lack of empathy, public divisiveness among every category you can think of, lack of trust and a severely unhealthy outlook about romance and love.

All of the above fits today’s issues and all the above are also true in love and romance.

I am currently working a short story on the subject and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to turn on your computer, look on your cell phone at social media sites … just about everywhere love and romance is suffering in this world we’ve created.

It’s alarming and saddening how love and relationships have suffered in today’s society — it’s like an epidemic that is slowly eating away at our ability to love unconditionally.

Not only is it affecting our outlook on love and romance, our thoughts and views on a myriad of issues and the way we look at each other, especially in the way we look at compassion, empathy and a willingness to understand a different view … other than our own.

Change does not just happen or come over night.

I believe we hear people say all the time they have changed their lives in one area or another, yet change, to be honest, is only a real change if it is constant and withstands the test of time … you can say you are in the midst of change at any point, but to say you have actually changed requires consistency over time.

Going back to the song by Queen 33 years ago, and having lived it, there is very little that has changed for the good, and in some instances, worsened through time.

I always consider myself an optimist, but the facts, and life, speak for itself.

Although I could, but won’t, sit here and list many things that have gotten better and many that have worsened, I would simply ask those who have lived those 33 years since the song to ask themselves … “How have I contributed?”

Yes, every night I step outside and wonder … “How have I contributed,” and how we came to live and survive in “the world we created.”

With every recovery from darkness and with every advance to being a better person living in a better world, it all begins with the glimmer of light we each shine.

Each one of us has a reason to shine … go out and spread your light every day and change the world we created to the world we want it to be.