Once again our souls have been set adrift
cast aside by circumstance and foolish pride
Although knowing
that someday on another plane of existence
our souls shall reach out to one another
In yet, again, another rebirth
 Those like us know the fool’s errand we run
with heartbreak time after time
And souls weeping tears enough to fill oceans
year upon year, upon years in between
 What is this string that binds us for all eternity
and why is the knot so tight
Impervious to the sharpest of instruments
And strong enough to thwart the executioners blade
Yet, too weak to repel
the tongue of the snake
Although, knowing somewhere in time
we shall gaze upon each other’s eyes
and feel each other’s warm breath again
 Two souls yearning for another
Two hearts beating in perfect harmony and rhythm
Time after time
Age upon age
Life upon life
 Longing for one more embrace
Seeking one more desperate kiss
When once again we will part
and set upon like clockwork, one more long path
Till we meet again
 We endure the curse of curses
yet we’ve been blessed with grace upon grace
Cast out to darkness till we meet again
along our next life’s path
 Although I have known the pain
your absence has brought upon my soul
I’ve lived in the solace of your love
Remember my words
for I shall find you again
 Whether decades or centuries future
we shall reunite again when the time draws nigh
We shall know by first sight, first embrace, first kiss
What shall be shall always be
Season upon season
Age upon age
Time upon time
For we are forever
Eternally Bound