Looks like another young man is ready to go
I hope Mr. Rock gave you a good start
On things you’ll need to know
Live a good life
Walk the path and learn to grow

Yes, Mr. Tree
But I appreciate your words, too
I know that it’s lonely up here
I just wanted to thank you
For all that you do

You have given me words
It won’t be easy
To keep walking the path
Nor to find what I will seek
It will be some good, some bad

But one thing you have shown
It’s not what you’ve gone through
Just continue to grow
Whether you are young
Or even if you’re old

Whether you trunk is filled with twists and turns
Or if you have a hole on the side
It’s about the path you’ve traveled
The road ahead
Makes you who you are, inside

Mr. Tree, before I go
I’d like tell you
You still have a good soul
Many won’t see it, like they don’t see the heart
But I saw it from the moment I met you, from the very start

Go young man, your life is in front
Follow you’re heart, wear it on your sleeve
Share happiness and love
Always love effortlessly
And love will never leave

You’re path is as you choose, live it to the fullest and with loving abandon


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