Mr. Rock, the tree said I should see you before I go
He said there is wisdom in your words
That only you can know
I saw his twisted trunk and the hole upon the side
He is here beside you, but I still can’t figure why

Do not be bothered by his fate
We each must choose a path
Answer for the things we’ve done
Do the best we can day by day
Travel an honest path each road, each day

I have to ask what you seen in me
How did you know
I am but a dull rock and carry no distinctive glow
I’m weathered, I’m worn
I’ve been around, I’m old

I saw your heart, I said
It’s easy to see
It may be weathered
It may be worn
But I saw it from way over there, it’s not broken or torn

You are the observant one, my little friend
No doubt you will walk a long path that never ends
Not many see me, most just pass by
Maybe they don’t even look
Maybe they don’t want to try

You see little one, many still don’t see
It’s because they’ve experience hurt
Really, just don’t want to believe
So they don’t see the heart, nor open up theirs
They’d rather live in tears and despair

I’ve given you enough, just let others see your heart
Don’t worry about those who pass it by nor fail to see
Walk your path, be honest and kind
Be who you are
And love, you will find

Thank you Mr. Rock
I really wished I didn’t have to leave you behind
I know my path won’t be easy and will be hard sometimes
Before I go let me bend down
So I can touch your heart, the way you touched mine

Walk a good life path young man … walk a good path



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