Go along young man
Before it gets to late
Your destiny awaits you
You must be on your way
Regardless of the path you take

So I send you back to the rock
To hear the words he has to say
Because if you chose to walk the path
You will be where I am at
Listening to a boy one day

I watched the boy walk away
Go back to the rock one more time
Seeming to ponder all the thoughts
And the words I had to say
I wonder if he’ll walk the path and if someday he’ll stray

I remember being in his shoes
So young and full of life
I gladly chose the path that day
And took on life full steam ahead
But somewhere I just lost track, and off the path I strayed

I couldn’t tell him the path is heavy
It weighs upon your very soul
Today I still weep the tears
Of a life seemingly gone by
The sense of getting old

The darkness can eat you up inside
It can cloud the path you’re on
Make you question every thing
Make your life a living hell
Destroying all your dreams

Sometimes stealing smiles
Leaving you to the dark
Carry all the burden
Burying your every dream
For something you can’t hold

I can not tell him everything
He’ll learn upon his own
He ask me why my trunk is twisted
It’s from my stomach being turned
From the weeping of my heart, and all the things that I have learned

He does not know it’s why I’m here
Not knowing I walked the path
Not knowing that I strayed
Not know that I had the chance
Lost faith and walked away

I never want him here
In my place, twisted and turned
Showing all his scars, wasting all his tears
So, I’ll send him right along his way
To walk a long path without any fear



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