The heart in the rock pointed to his side
He looked at me and offered me words
Said once I had taken to the path
It would test my spirit and everything inside
It was a path I’d walk forever, unable to run and hide

I took a few steps toward the tree
And looked at it in awe
So many twisted roots and limbs
A tiny hole to the side
I wondered if it was dead, could it truly be alive

I cleared my throat and said “Hello there Mr. Tree”
The heart in the rock sent me here
To learn from what I see
Why are it your roots are twisted
And that hole must hurt, I said

twisted-treeThe tree responded back
This trunk holds a lot of scars
Yes, my trunk twists and turns
Some from people I believed
But, most from what I’ve learned

I lost an eye to things I’ve seen
Blinded by trust many times
It left that hole on the side
Made bigger by those I trusted
When all they did was lie

Yes, you could say I’m worn
I show scars of weathered years
But it’s the path I chose
I chose to be the weathered one
I chose to shed the tears

Go now back unto to the rock
He has more wisdom you will need
Be careful to listen ever close
To the words he has to say
Then come back to me, I’ll pass you along your way





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