Cast down and emblazoned in stone
Surviving eons of generations past
And long before I walked the path
A symbolic cast of what we carry and search for within
was laid for all to see

Though many yearn and search
Most walk right over and trample
Believing it not true
Failing to recognize

Told from an early age
I was a believer
And although I knew my path would be met with adversity
Still, I began the walk
I felt its power, its peace and its comfort

Many scoff at its sight
Many fail to see
Many fail to believe
Many swim against the stream
While many still fail to dream the dream

The heart is there
It’s etched in stone
For all that want to see
It’s been right there from the start
I know … it flows inside of me

It spoke to me so long ago
It flows throughout my soul
It told me of the heartbreak
It told me … wait and see
Let me show you firsthand it said

Then introduced me to the tree



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