Fall is a good time to Fall

The year is coming to an end as fall, or autumn, has arrived. The leaves are changing and usher in the beginning of the end of the year — the beginning of the end of a full circle of life for many things.

But, even as the warmer climate comes to an end — as each season does — autumn has its own splendor of individuality … even if inanimate objects technically can’t possess feelings or ideas.

People often go through seasons, as well. Seasons of learning, relationships, love, pain, disappointment and so many more.

Unlike nature, there are no clear-cut seasons in our circle of life — we just have to handle the splendor of the good times and the not so splendid bad times as it comes along.

Life would be easy if we knew when each season of life would arrive … and when it is time for it to leave, but that is out of our collective control for the most part.

As I have written before about how much time we actually have to “have a life,” one would think it’s all a bed of roses, but experience tells us differently.

Imagine what it would be like if the seasons drastically changed from summer straight into winter, then from spring right back to winter … which might be what some people feel like as they move through their life cycles.

How we navigate those cycles and face the challenges go a long way toward making us who we are in the latter cycles of life.

I have come to realize a few things about people over my own life cycles.

My own experiences tell me a few things. Everyone makes mistakes; I don’t think people, except for the bad ones, intentionally set out every day to make mistakes nor to inflict harm upon someone else.

I believe in true love and destined love as Plato addressed it in The Symposium, in essence, creating soul mates that roam the earth until they are reunited as one with their soul mate … I believe it does happen.

Many see the turning of the leaves in autumn as an indication of summer dying out and the bareness of winter coming, while I see autumn as the maturation of beauty and all the colors life can really be.

Spring is said to the be the dawning of new love, but love in the air is as ever prevalent during the fall … maybe not as wild … unless, like me you prefer a little chill in the air, meaning blankets, a fireplace and heating up with the warmth of your partner.

So, it’s all a matter of perception … just like the many seasons of life.

Really, it all boils down to the season, or cycle, you are in. Love is in the air everyday, not just during the spring. People fall or fall back in love everyday — winter, spring summer and fall.

Love knows no particular season. Love follows no known rules. Love knows no social or demographic boundaries such as age and sex.

Unfortunately, some never open their hearts enough to be able to accept love, which is tragic. Tragic because of the naturally fulfilling nature and acceptance that being in love brings.

Love is out there waiting — winter, spring, summer and fall.

While fall may not be your season to fall or fall back in love, your time will come. Open your heart and when the opportunity and feeling of love comes to your door — open the door and your heart and let love in. If it’s a deep, rewarding and nurturing love, hang on for dear life and never let go.

Maybe it will be your soul mate, as Plato theorized in The Symposium. Love is not just a word or part of a phrase used as a pickup line … love is a deep feeling of affection, the meeting of two souls forming one collective soul, the merging of two individuals into one complete person; love is placing your trust and sharing your life with the one person most important to you, love is selfless, and most important, love is unconditionally placing the welfare and well-being above that of your own without boundaries.

Whenever your season comes upon you, visualize yourself with your loved one in a cabin on the lake among the beautiful colorful leaves watching the sun come up — all while finding love and a way to shine in your season.

Fall is the perfect time to fall.



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