Eternally Bound

Timeless and ageless in this time of times we find ourselves among goodbyes again
Our souls have traveled lifetimes over and over
Searching from age to age since the beginning of time
Me for you and You for me
What is this, this love that has bound us forever
At life’s beginning two stars touched and united in one brief moment in time for all time
In that instant our essence was brought together to form one heart and one soul for all eternity

Love beckons us and is reborn through each age and time
Time and time again we vow to return closer in age and circumstance
To be reunited in an age and time where our souls may rest in each other’s arms embrace
Since the beginning of time our souls have sifted through age after age of people, faces and form
each time knowing familiarity from first sight our purpose, our reason and our season
We’ve endured years of absence till next we meet hoping for our final peace together forever

I know your eyes and your smile that century after century cannot be denied
For age upon age I’ve gazed upon your eyes in awe and wonderment
I remember every first kiss and each embrace as time stands still in the moment
The glimmer in your eyes, how it reflects the love I feel for you in my heart
Down to the depths of my being

In our times of absence, I long for the gentleness of your warm embrace
The warmth of your hand in mine as we catch centuries past
I yearn for the softness of your lips touching mine
And your soft subtle sighs left upon my skin in the throes of passions

But this, my love, is not our season to shine for I must go
Tis not our resting place, our final destination together
Again, I must wipe your tears
Kiss you farewell in hopes it will be enough to last until our next lifetime
For our time is through in this lifetime

Our souls like ageless raindrops falling in a summer rain
Shall lift back to the skies to fall again
Just as our love and destined souls return
Time after time, age after age to reunite in hope of finding our resting place
And our final destination together

Until the final age and time arrives I vow to return time after time,
age after age to wipe your tears with times goodbyes
Knowing one day, one lifetime, our star,
Made from our essence in the instance of the beginning of time
Will burn brighter than every star in the sky, for all time

∞ John W. Peeler ∞


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