Awaiting rebirth

Today I’ll start grieving
I just can’t do this anymore
I guess I just stopped believing
You were the one I waited for
I tried so hard to love you
You kept pushing me away
I did all that I could do
Praying that you’d stay
You drifted off
Left me behind
Lost sight of me
I felt so blind
Where’s that girl I met long ago
Where’s she at, I love her so
She captured my attention
All my love all my affection
Then forced me to a place
I didn’t want to be
Hiding in a little space
Somewhere deep inside of me
A space and all the darkness
In times past that I’d called home
A place absent of love and caring
A time of feeling all alone
I wait till someone finds
This shell of a man I call me
To let loose the ropes that bind
And a love that sets me free