A child’s reassurance: Growing up through a father’s eyes

It’s my first day Daddy
And I’m a little scared
I know that I’m on my own
But your always there
You gave me everything I need
It’s right here in my pack
I’ll only be gone a few hours
Then I’m coming back
I’ve got my blankie and my toy
And yesterday you cut my hair
You know that I’m a growing boy
And I know your always there
I want to be a man one day
Grow up and be like you
Did you do this Daddy
Get big and go off to school
I’ve got to go now Daddy
So I have to say goodbye
But I’ll be home this afternoon
Daddy, please don’t cry

MyBoyThis page is dedicated to Maria Costa and every child she helped find permanency. Without her dedication many children would have never had the opportunity to flourish and fulfill their dreams. Maria will always be the reason every child she came in contact with was given a chance at life.