“People come into your life by accident, and they do, but the ones who stay on purpose are worth keeping.”

Be a street light for those around you

The earliest recorded history of street lamps date back to around 500 years BC, but it didn’t become an organized way of lighting dark streets until the early 1400s in London, England.

Baltimore, Maryland was the first city to employ gas street lights in the United States, attributed to be in 1816, and by 1890 there were more than 130,000 arc lamps installed as streetlights in the U.S.

So, why is this important? Other than getting a brief history lesson on the beginning use of street lights, the only importance is to illustrate the amount of time it took from the initial concept to making it a viable reality.

This is just one example of a concept that took centuries to develop — the concept of giving light to the darkness to help guide people from one point to another.

Although it may not take centuries to develop, friendships and relationships can be thought of in the same light, pun intended.

My reason for using the example of a street light is because streetlights provide some security, can give light to help make sure one does not lose their way and can aid in helping one get from one point to another without stumbling around in the dark.

In our own personal dark times many of us lean on our friends and those we have relationships with to provide support, direction and to help us navigate though rough, and sometimes rocky times — to get us from one point in our life to another.

Family, friends and loved ones — those we have developed trust with, are the true cornerstones of living a happy life.

So, what happens if that trust is broken? To be honest, the ray of light they provided you — the counsel, shoulder to lean on and security — can start to dim and fade away.

Long term friendships and relationships, when they go south, can be devastating to everyone, including other friends and loved ones caught up in the general proximity.

To me, the only thing that hurts more than losing a family member is being disappointed by someone you love. Someone you thought would never hurt you — such as a very close friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or someone else you love dearly.

So, is there ever a way back to the friend or loved one who disappointed or hurt you?

I didn’t use to think so, but it’s funny how life is — just when you think you can’t or won’t do something — you do it.

Everyone is special in one way or another and there will always be people who come into your life for one reason or another — most of the time without knowing why. I don’t believe people come into anothers life to destroy it, nor do I belive that most of the time do they even know what their purpose in your life is.

Yes, I do believe there is always a way back into someone’s life who has disappointed or hurt you. Some things just are what they are.

We may never know why we meet someone. We may never know why we develop long-lasting relationships with them or why we love them. Although we can’t control who life brings us, we can control how we treat them.

It is said people come into your life by accident, and they do, but the ones who stay on purpose are worth keeping.

When personal street lights become inoperable or in constant need of repair it is sometimes easier to replace them, but, replacement comes at an emotional cost.

No one is perfect and I — for sure — have had my share of not being so perfect every single day, but we all have our own ways to be a ray of light for those we care about.

We run across people every day looking for their street light — someone who will take an interest in us, someone to help show us the way, someone to give direction in a time of need … someone to be empathic and consoling.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when all we need is a slight glimmer of light to help us down the road of life. Without a street light, we can get lost … but, with the glow of a good lamp, our way can be illuminated, a little easier and a little more tolerable.

When times get dark and you’re afraid you’ll get lost on the path of life, find your street light. Maybe it is there you will find a glimmer of hope … and a way to shine.





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