Oh, is that so ? !

That golf ball will fit … trust me it will.

I’m a pretty trusting guy … at least till I am given a bona-fide reason not to trust a person — after all, I spent my time in the military in operations and intelligence, followed by another career as a journalist.

So, yes, once I have a reason to doubt someone, there is a good reason — for lack of a better term — my spidey sense kicks in (some call it intuition).

I’m sure we all have met the “too good to be true” member of the opposite sex on more than one occasion — enough for us to question things they tell us or for us to say to ourselves, “Oh, is that so?!”

But, wait a minute, we all can be wrong sometimes.

Think about it. How much do we really know someone until we take the necessary time to really get to know them.

People are so diverse … from how and where they were raised to their life experiences — with lives that can range from something akin to the TV show “Tales of the Unexplained,” to the “Urban Dictionary” definition of “you can’t make this stuff up.”

It’s that kind of diversity that makes life interesting with everyone we meet, but can also lead us to disappointment with people every now and then.

You have to wonder just how many have missed out on something that could have been a life-changing relationship, all because our intuitionometer (yes, I made that word up) was wrong.

There are so many relationship experts out there and all of them believe they have found all of the “red flags” in new-found acquaintances that spell impending disaster in a relationship.

Maybe so, maybe not.

I would much rather take a chance than to miss out on something that could be the best thing, as they say, since cream cheese or sliced bread.

Sad thing is … we will accept everything we hear on television and trust everything we read online, most of the time without question, but discount our gut feeling in something so important such as trust and relationships.

The other day I picked up a bag of popcorn in the grocery store (supermarket for those of different backgrounds).

I love popcorn and nothing is better for a snack late at night while watching a movie, especially when smothered with butter and some popcorn seasoning. Mmmmm.

Anyway, I digress. I can taste it now.

I pulled the “microwave popcorn” out of the box and checked the back of the bag to make sure I popped it correctly … shock hit me like a woman turning her head when you go to kiss her goodnight at the doorstep.

Popcorn instructions


“Don’t use the popcorn button.” I immediately became a conspiracy theorist. Something must be amiss. Every microwave I’ve ever seen has a “popcorn” button.

I went into investigative journalist mode. Why not use the button? Why did the manufacturer put it there if it had no use to pop “microwave popcorn?” Was it just another gadget they put on the microwave to sell the product better?

So, I can’t trust the television or anything I read online … now, I can’t trust appliance manufacturers … my list of not trusting anything grows

I make fun of such a small thing to say this … when my emotions died down and I thought about it, I came to a conclusion.

The popcorn manufacturer realizes each microwave emits differently, therefore, using the microwave setting on any microwave will produce a different result, so, listen to the popcorn, rather than use the setting.

Sometimes, all you read or listen to may not be as good an indication of what something is and will never be as good as your very own spidey sense or intuition.

Next time you wander off into the darkness and you start to listen to everyone else, what you see on the ID Channel or what professionals say on the internet … don’t “turn to the dark side,” but find a way to wander into the light and find a way to shine.

Trust me, it works.