Slice of Sunshine

To walk alone
Dreary as a silent clown
In a tearful cast
And feeling down

So far away
Are the things we seek
To search in vain
Will make us weak

To live and laugh
Is just a pun
To some of us
Life’s no fun

We shield ourself
In constant fear
Yet hope and pray
For someone dear

To reach out to stroke
The velvet rose
To the retreat
Of strong repose

Oh, why can’t this world
Be nice and kind
Full of love
And bright sunshine

Am I so different
From all the rest
Or will I fail to pass
Someone’s silly test

To turn and face
That which is real
And finally express
The thoughts I feel

Time gets rough
Day to day
So I stop and think
Along the way

That some place down
This lonesome line
I’ll find my slice
Of warm sunshine