Nothing is more calming than listening to the sound of water.

Whether it’s ocean waves, the sound of rain falling on a tin roof or an electronic wave machine that simulates the flow of water or raindrops, the sound of water has a calming effect for many.

But, we all know that sometimes even ocean waves can become less than calming when a storm is approaching, or has hit land.  And, soothing raindrops can sometimes turn into torrential downpours and storms.

The good news is that storms, whether on the ocean or in our own back yard, always pass and are a necessary evil in our lives.  How we choose to deal with these temporary periods, however, is completely within our own control.

The most immediate instinct that comes to mind when we are caught up in a storm, or something we think is about to be a storm, is to take defensive measures or run.

But, not all the time is that the best avenue of “weathering the storm.”

To put it into perspective, weather forecasters are not always correct.  I can’t count the number of times bad weather has been predicted that never materialized.

Sometimes, a wait and see approach, or patience, is the best plan of action. Like today ― five minutes ago the sun was shining and now it is pouring down rain … without warning.

Things happen and sometimes we never see it coming.

This morning, I did get a chance to look outside and looking at the leaves on the foliage, everything within me told me it was going to rain.  The leaves were turned over, but the sun was shining bright.  I checked the weather forecast and knew it was supposed to be overcast, but no rain was predicted.

So, after doing my due diligence and checking out for signs of rain, I thought I would just enjoy the day outside. In this particular instance, I should have gone with my intuition ― as I sit here now watching it pour rain.

Not all storms are bad, though.  Storms have a way of resetting balance, both ecologically speaking and in life.

Everything that looks bad, isn’t … everything that looks good, isn’t … but, how we “weather” the turbulent times in our lives is what builds character and gives us the experience we need to grow as a person.

We probably can all say we have weathered many storms throughout our lives.  Some of those storms reset us and gave us balance and direction.  Other storms, have torn us down and made us wonder when the rain will stop.

But, the rain will stop.  And, when all is said and done, you will have weathered the storm.

At the end of the storm, the clouds will part and behind those dark clouds a new day will dawn with new meaning and purpose ― if you can find a way to shine.