Dance in the Rain … I Dare You

So, when was the last time you danced in the rain? Do you remember what it feels like?

When the rain comes, many of us dash for cover or move away when we see it coming.  But, in life there will always be some rain and we can’t always get away from the darkness thunderstorms sometimes bring ― no matter how hard we try.

Everyone faces adversity ― or rain of sorts ― and I have found over the years it’s just best to face the rain until the storm passes … and it will pass.

Dancing in the rain is kind of like, well, basking in the sun in reverse.

Why we choose natural occurrences as a means to convey how we are doing in life is beyond me.  While there are some who don’t like rain, which is considered negative; most seem to prefer sunshine, which is considered positive ― I guess that would be dependent on what your climate is most of the time.

It’s funny how we use analogies to get our point across.

For instance, why would I want to “walk a mile” in your shoes?  Wouldn’t you be left without shoes?  That wouldn’t be nice of me, now would it?  Besides, if you wanted your shoes back, I’d have to walk two miles.

I never thought about “climbing the highest mountain” for anything ― does that mean I’d have to leave the country?  I don’t even have a passport.

And, certainly, everyone knows you have to “crawl before you can walk.”  Although, I have known some children that decided to walk and never crawled. I wonder when it comes to a difficult point in their life, will they have to go back and learn how to crawl first? And we all know “when it rains, it pours.”

Sure, we know these examples are just parables and are in fact, lessons in life.

Now, back to dancing in the rain.

The other day, there was a thunderstorm, which is common for this time of year in Georgia.  My grandson and I were outside under the carport and it began to pour down rain.

Initially, the thunder alarmed him, but after a few minutes (once I determined it wasn’t lightning) I looked at him and said, “Let’s go dance in the rain.”

It wasn’t but a split second before we were out in the yard dancing our hearts out without a care in the world.

When we were done, meaning when I was tired, I called to him and told him, “Never get so old that you forget to dance in the rain every chance you get.” He acknowledged with a big smile and said, “That was fun.”

While he is really too young to know what I was trying to tell him, it will be something I reinforce to him throughout his life.

Never run from difficult times or circumstances; embrace them and learn.  When things get difficult; remember there is always an answer.  And, never let the happy carefree child inside you be overcome with so much burden that you forget to live and love.

But, most important, my message to him will be; never forget your happy place your inner child.  And, when the sky darkens around you and the rain threatens to ruin everything, don’t run from the storm ― dance in the rain and find a way to shine.