That one word is probably the most broad ranging questions one could ask anyone.

Usually, that one word question always lacks a definite answer, and seldom is its response ever a short, simple or concise one.

It’s an inevitable question we ask ourselves that has been asked since man had the capability to think and speak.

Recently, I asked myself the same question again — why?

I sat in miles of traffic in Atlanta and wondered why anyone in their right mind would want to be in that traffic day after day. Was it all just as simple as wanting to make a buck or do people just enjoy sitting in traffic? I had no answer.

With time to think about it, I wandered into the age-old question — why are we here, and what is my purpose.

Without getting into a long religious debate on creation versus evolution, simply because I have found it is one of two areas left to personal ideals, I evaluated the life process.

Beginning at birth, we are loved and nurtured and taught the basics of being a civilized human being, or at least all children should be.

Then, about the age of 5, we enter kindergarten where we are further refined personally, culturally and socially, and given some basic educational knowledge.

This process continues for a minimum of 13 years — in the process, most of us are indoctrinated into the work force at about the age of 16.

Most graduate high school at age 18, or so, and either go on to college to further their education or join the workforce.

Some who go to college gain knowledge to benefit society with inventions that make our lives easier or better, or learn a skill or trade that benefit us in the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Following a long, productive life (we hope), we age, then eventually die. That is basically life in a nutshell.

Yes, there are, of course, so many things that were left out in the interest of brevity.

So, as I sat in traffic pondering this vicious cycle, I knew the next day it would begin again and someone like me would be stuck in traffic for an hour, maybe more, wondering the same thing.

I asked myself — “what is the point to it all?”

In other words — why?

While we can all come up with answers, there is no definitive answer. And, when our time comes and we conclude our life cycle of birth, school, job, old age, and death, we are no closer to the answers as to why we exist or what our purpose is, or even where we are going as a civilization — we only know we are here and chances are we will be sitting in traffic somewhere, wondering why.

We spend one-third of our lives working and  another third of our lives sleeping, which leaves us the final third of our lives to enjoy the thing we call life.

If we live to be 90 years old, that means we have all of 30 years to really enjoy living, but how much of that time is spent in all the other traffic that comes with living and being alive?

And, what of those people who have made work their life?

Sometimes there are no answers to “why,” and in trying to answer all the “why’s,” additional questions come to the surface.

Some questions, are just not meant to be answered.

I have a feeling that millions of years down the road the not-so-simple questions, “why do we exist,” and “why are we here,” will still be baffling the most brilliant of our species while they sit in traffic on this planet, some other planet, or in space, but I would be willing to bet we will be no closer to solving the age-old question — why?

Still, I wonder why? Don’t you?

Till next week, while you’re caught up in traffic of life, find a way to shine.