One more road, one more lesson

Where would you be right now if you had just taken a different road or made a different decision at a critical point in your life?

I know at some point in time, we all have pondered that question whether it was in our personal or professional lives.

Now and then I believe everyone has asked themselves, “Where would I be if I would have just made this one choice differently?”  I know I have second guessed myself a time or two.

But, roads and paths are a funny thing to try and untangle and unwind.

It is common knowledge among the female population that we men never get lost, hence, the lack of necessity to ask for directions, or so it is said. But, I believe everyone, men, women and children can sometimes get lost — even if they think they know the way to their destination.

If you’re out on the road, there are always signs to lead you to your destination, but sometimes life mimics being on the road where there aren’t always signs — you just have to make your best guess which way to go.

When I was living in north Georgia, I liked to get out on the road in my spare time and just drive. It relaxed me, gave me time to think about things the normal hustle and bustle of life didn’t give me time to think about and I always seemed to find the little shortcuts to where I was going.

How could I get lost?  There were plenty of signs and I have always had a knack for knowing the direction I was traveling —  I had a good sense of direction, or so I thought.

One day, I took a drive and it proved there is more than knowing what general direction you are going and signs don’t always give you the information you need to reach your desired destination — kind of like life.

I took a road, or shortcut I thought. I didn’t know the road and the drive proved to be more than I bargained for.  The scenery was beautiful and it was a relaxing drive, even if I didn’t know exactly where I would come out.

As the road meandered toward a destination I felt would be interesting, all kinds of thoughts, ideas and subjects ran through my mind.

Everything from personal relationships to work and all the what-ifs in my life.

Then, the unimaginable happened — the road turned into a dead end.

I don’t know how it happened — the road sign didn’t indicate it was a dead end road.

After traveling about six or seven miles it never occurred to me it turned into a road going nowhere.

It was funny and I laughed about it and poked fun at myself for going all that way for nothing.

Maybe I should have been angry the road led nowhere, or that whoever made the sign leading me there didn’t warn me the road had no outlet or dead ended. But, I wasn’t angered, I was actually thankful.

I began the day with no particular plan in mind, no agenda, no stress and definitely no timeline — just a day to enjoy everything in life I had been given and I accomplished
that — and more.

I found that all the roads we travel will not always be properly marked or contain complete directions to our destination.

And, sometimes when you look for a shortcut all you find is a dead end road — even if you know the general direction you are traveling.

When all was said and done that day, somewhere on a six or seven mile stretch of road in the middle of the mountains there were others finding out the same thing I had discovered earlier — another life lesson.

The lesson? Although you may know the general direction and the destination you are traveling, not every road will lead you directly to where you are going in life and sometimes life takes you on little side roads before you finally reach your destination.

But, you can still learn a lot about yourself and life — even on a dead end road.

Till next week, in your darkest times find a way to shine, even when you find yourself on one of the unexpected roads of life.