So, why Dear John?

Somewhere around World War II the phrase “Dear John Letter” was conceived.

It was used mostly in letters to soldiers when a stateside girlfriend or spouse had decided to call it quits in the relationship — usually as a result of a new-found love.

So why the name John?

It is said to have been one of the more popular names of the era — thus, Dear John.

So, I decided to create a Dear John blog of sorts, without the negative implications.

I chose the title not just because my name is John, but because I wanted to focus on issues that were completely opposite of the negative image normally associated with “Dear John.”

It is my desire to give readers things to think about — issues we normally take for granted or things we just seem to forget in our day-to-day challenge of getting through life.

We all are different, we all struggle with the same types of issues and we sometimes forget there are others in the world who also struggle or have struggled with similar instances — many are our friends.

Sometimes it is hard for us to understand how people handle adversity differently, and really there is no wrong way — just different ways.

It is also easy to look from the outside in and judge the way people handle the obstacles in their lives rather than realize people just do things differently.

I have friends who I sometimes question why they handled a particular issue a certain way — so, I too have sat in judgement, and although it’s wrong, I am only human.

I would like to think I have gotten better at realizing that until I walk a mile in their shoes I should only lend a caring ear, rather than question the manner in which they handle the problem.

We all have our burdens to carry and although we may not know what it is like to carry a particular burden, I am sure we have friends who do.

As we struggle through what we call the game of life, it’s important to realize that every time we see someone in a time of despair and uncertainty, we should think  “it could have been me.”

No one is untouchable when it comes to hard times.

So, until next week, when there is darkness, know there are others that face some of the same obstacles, so when you just can’t see the light of day — find a way to shine.