JazzyToday I took your little hand
And I held on oh so tight
Knowing that the day would come
I wouldn’t be there when you cried

I won’t be there to hear you
Say daddy I wanna play
Or hear those little precious things
You always seem to say

But today, you’re still my little girl
And it’ll always be that way
Even after time has passed
And you’ve grown and flown away

I hold on to that smile you smile
That sparkle in your eyes
The way that you say daddy
Warms my soul so deep inside

I’ll remember the sunlight in your hair
That lights up those tiny pinwheel curls
And how late you came into my life
To be my little girl

I cherish every slobbered kiss
Your very first bye-bye
How I felt wrapped around your finger
The first time I heard you cry

I may not always be around
To hold your hand or dry your tears
But I’ll always be right where you are
Watching over you through the years

I’ll be the sun at first mornings light
The wind that blows leaves to the ground
I’ll guard your dreams throughout the night
After the sun goes down

I’ll be here just as long as I can
Take your hand, hold on oh so tight
Because I know the day will come
When I can’t be here to make everything all right


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